Making tracks across Australia

Over the past few years, I’ve had lots of people email me to ask specific questions about their trip, or for a particular piece of advice. So I thought it was about time to launch a monthly newsletter.

It’s time to share the answers.

I try to cover some of the really useful, short tidbits I never get around to posting on Trip Around Oz…plus other bonus stuff like the latest recipes I try out, and the handy DIY hints Kumar discovers. Living in the camper 24/7 again in late 2016 - early 2017 was like riding a bike, and I have found myself full of new ideas to share.

If you’d like to be ‘on the spot’ as my ideas come pouring out, then what a great reason to sign-up! Of course, if you would simply like stay in touch with my general musings when we’re on the road and beyond, there’s another great reason. I will most likely post some of the articles on my site eventually, but until then, they are all yours! Enjoy.

One final note: I promise not to share or abuse your personal details, I will only use them to send you your monthly edition of 'Making Tracks around Oz' .