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Your camping packing list to go around Oz

Make sure your camping packing list includes your essentials first. The trick is how to fit in everything else. Be clear on what you “must-have” versus the things you are packing “just in case”.

Beach camping in Shark Bay, WA

Whether you are camping for a week or a year – you pretty much need the same stuff. Your camping conditions may vary from the beach to the outback, but most of the must-haves stay the same.

Here’s a breakdown of the camping gear you’ll need, by category.

Safety first

Everyday living

And you might need some:


We took two sets of bedding each, just in case we couldn’t wash straight away. We could probably have managed with one. It was good to have two sets in poor weather and also meant I could put off doing laundry for longer!

So, our bedding (per bed) was:

  • 2 x sheet sets
  • 1 x doona/quilt
  • 1 x cotton cellular blanket (for warm weather, or to double as a second layer with our quilt)


We took one bath towel each, and one beach towel. We kept them separate so that our bath towels stayed “un-salty”. We also took a couple of spares just in case, which we probably didn’t need.

Keep your camping gear list simple.

Pack the essentials you need for an easy life and leave everything else at home. Here are some final ideas to help you tick (or cross) off items on your own camping packing list:

  • Take the practical equipment you need to stay safe and survive.
  • Take things you can use for more than one purpose, or in more than one situation.
  • Don’t take anything precious or fragile. If it can’t take a few knocks, it probably won’t last long.
  • If in doubt, leave it behind. You can buy almost anything along the way, if you really need it.

› What to pack