Got Early Birds? Try this great family camping tip...

by Nina Di Santo
(South Australia)

My early birds!

My early birds!

We have three children who are all early risers (around 6am is average). This can be tricky when you're in a shared camp ground as it's not always appropriate for them to get up and start playing like they might at home.

My husband and I plan who will get up with them and go for a walk so the other person can get a bit more sleep, or start their day with a quiet cup of tea. It serves to keep your neighbours happy as well as sharing the load and enabling some 'me' time.


Thanks Nina, what a fantastic family camping tip. It can be a real balancing act to keep everyone happy early in the morning...especially when noise travels so far in shared camping grounds.

I love a lazy sleep in, and Kumar often goes walking with our kids when they are up early. It can also be the best time of day to listen to the birds and spot wildlife!

- Jill

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