It's the family camping trip of a lifetime...

Welcome to Trip around Oz, your ‘how-to’ guide to Australia’s greatest family camping adventure.

Going around Australia is an incredible experience, no matter how you do it. It’s the ultimate family camping trip, full of adventures and challenges. But it can be overwhelming too. This guide helps simplify your trip around Australia. It helps you make the big decisions before you go and gives you some practical tips while on the road.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Make the decision to go...then just go!

When will you trip around Oz?

We decided to travel around Australia, then left eight weeks later. It was a busy eight weeks. We were on the road for 15 months. During that time we stretched our car, camper, and kids to some pretty crazy limits – not to mention ourselves! Our 45,000km family camping trip changed my perspective on life.

Everyone does the trip differently, and I am not here to tell you to do it our way. I want to give you a head start on your trip by sharing what we learnt on our trip...through our own trial and error, and from countless others we met along the way.

Sandy Cape, WA at sunset...what a hidden gem.

With my help, I hope you'll soon be on your way to carving out your own unique ‘oz trip’.

Some of the first things you’ll need to consider are:

Once you’re on your way, it won’t be long before you’ll start to think about:

We dreamed for years about our family camping trip around Australia.

The hardest bit was getting on the road. The next hardest bit was coming home. The in-between bit (the trip itself) made it all worth it. I am only just now starting to realise that this time we had together as a family camping was an enormous gift many people never experience.

People always ask “what was the best bit?”

For me, it was no one place. The best bit was the wide open spaces, the absolute lack of people, the birds, the plants, the beaches (surprise, surprise). I kept wondering when I would stop saying ‘wow’. I think I’m still saying ‘wow’.

Walking in the Bungle Bungles, WA

I can't wait for you to experience Australia's endless 'wow' factor too. Enjoy your own family camping trip around will love it!

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